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Since 1995 and our affiliate websites haven been the premier reliable source of information about aquariums and tropical fish, whether they be guppies, cichlids (African or South American), killifish, tetras, or any of the commonly available tropical fish.

With over 58 years of experience in the aquarium hobby, we also offer high quality fish foods and aquarium supplies, so that our friends, members and most certainly our tropical fish are happy, thriving and growing.


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Whether you are just getting started, or you've raised tropical fish for decades, is your one-stop-shop for guppies and reliable information.

If you are a breeder of high quality guppies, then we encourage you to sell your fish through us.  We DO NOT collection sales commissions and you have direct contact with the purchasers.  All we ask is you treat each other fairly and decently.  After all, we are all members of


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